Highly Wonderful Picture Of Bamboo House

Inspired by her father , Elora Hardy is now making revolutionary bamboo houses in Indonesia. She left her fashion profession in New York and left for Bali seeing the infinite possibility of utilizing bamboo as a sustainable source of building and construction material . Bamboo has the compressive force like concrete and strength to weight ratio like steel with just one weak point of getting harmed from moisture and insects . For this factor she treats the bamboos with naturally occurring Boron so that those last a life time. Scroll down the page to see the images of her mind blowing developments .So start searching for bamboo house for sale now.
(More info: ibuku.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TED (h/t: treehugger) Vs BOREDPANDA.COM)
If you’re looking for bamboo house construction, you have actually come on the incredible web page.

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