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Following living in Nepal and also examining Tibet as well as the Mountain ranges for over 10 years , photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami selected he would certainly go to external Mongolia to report the taking a trip people as well as their interesting way of life . A researcher of Tibetan and also Mongol dialects who got his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Sanskrit and also Tibetan Researches, Sardar was just the appropriate person to catch the Dukha people, Mongolia’s last taking a trip reindeer herdsmans. The Dukha are an antiquated gathering of people of Turk decrease who are reliant on reindeer for their lifestyle . Notwithstanding drainpipe and also cheddar, the reindeer offer transportation to chasing. They’re ridden to chase after wild elk as well as hog.So look into pictures reindeer you may need.
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