Quite Lovely Cookie Monster Cake Pictures

Christine Mcconnell of Los Angeles, is a multi-sided character carrying out many functions such as a certified stylist, design, professional photographer, artist and a prominent baker. Dressing herself as a 1950 American homemaker, preparing sumptuous confectionary dishes in awful kinds and shapes is her strength. Her baking items consist of confections, pastries and cakes that resemble cookie beasts, spiders, satanic forces, snakes and ugly Facehugger, causing shock at the extremely sight. Mcconnell admits that driven by her life-long instinct for visual appeals , she gets motivated to add charm to her life through her artistic undertakings. Publication of her works in magazines , nationwide advertisement projects and signboards, apart from her working as a stylist for lots of stars , bear testimony to her talent and reputation .So check out confectionery cakes now.
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