Some Weird Jobs That You Never Knew Existed Ever

1. Buying Lego sets in bulk and selling the individual pieces of each in store
2. A bra fitter of prosthesis by profession who fit ladies having mastectomies
3. Being an assistant to escort service
4. Making pig/s feed according to the diets with nutrients changing often
5. Stringing tennis rackets
6. Working on behalf of the government to watch movies, review the pornography prior it is shown in the booths or sold in stores
7. Responsible for toy-breaking and making reports on how they break
8. A technician for eye bank who removes corneas to whole eyes from the donors after they die for transplants & research
9. Putting handles on the coffins
10. Bouncing on pogo stick wearing clothes of a clown
11. A normalized patient specifically for medical students to practice besides manner on him/her
12. Visiting the retirement homes on behalf of the head offices to look for any problems out there
13. Gripping the skateboards
14. Working in a manufacturing plant names as the “Industries for the Blind” if you have vision problems

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